There are few artists that will ever make quite the same cultural impact as David  Bowie. Whether you listened to his unparalleled back catalog of tracks growing  up, were a fan of his turn as the The Goblin King in Labyrinth or take your fashion  inspiration from his Ziggy era costumes, it’s impossible to deny the influence  Bowie had on a generation of creatives.

Two years since his passing, there is still no shortage of David Bowie tattoo  tribute’s out there paying homage to the Starman. If you’re thinking of having  your own tribute to the cultural icon, below is a guide to some of Bowie’s most  visually iconic work to help inspire your ink:

Released just days before he died, Blackstar was a touching farewell to his fans  and a heartbreaking insight into his final few months as he privately battled liver  cancer. This album was also praised for creating some of his most striking visuals  in recent years.

Aladdin Sane: 
As iconic as The Rolling Stones Tongue and Lips logo, the Aladdin Sane lightning  bolt is one of the most iconic visuals to come from Bowie. Whether you want a  neo-traditional or illustrative style tattoo, the classic bolt can be adapted to a truly  unique piece of work.

Space was a big theme throughout Bowie’s work and can be incorporated into a  wide range of different tribute tattoos. Songs such as Starman, Space Oddity, Life  on Mars?, and Ashes to Ashes can all serve as a great starting point and offer up  great lyrics that can also be used for a simple quote tattoo.

Arguably his best era, Bowie’s alter ego Ziggy Stardust changed the face of Rock  and Roll forever and you can still see the influence of this persona in the pages of  iD and Dazed and Confused today. Some of his most theatrical and visually stunning portraits come from this era and would make beautiful realistic portrait  tattoos.

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David Bowie portrait tattoo by Matt Hunt.

Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of design ideas for your very own David Bowie  tattoo. Get in touch today to discuss your ideas.