How does the treatment work? What happens in the treatment is that the laser’s light energy focuses on the artificial ink of the tattoo and breaks it down into particles whereby the body carries it away. Immediately after the treatment the tattoo may appear white, the ink is different particle sizes and in different layers of the skin, which is why several sessions may be needed.
What is the price of this treatment? This treatment starts from £45 per session, depending on the size of the area to be treated. Please ask for a quote on your tattoo. We offer three sessions for the price of two, if you block book your appointments.
How long does the treatment take? It can take anything from 10 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on the size of the tattoo. The process is much quicker than being tattooed. For large tattoos it might be necessary to treat a smaller area at a time so as to reduce any side-effects such as swelling and soreness.
Does it hurt? As with tattooing the sensation is unique to each individual. It is not pain-free, but it is quite a quick process. The sensation could be described as a warm rubber band snap. During the treatment we will use a cold compress to help alleviate any discomfort.
Are there any after-effects? The most common after-effects would be a reddening of the skin, warmth on the area, swelling, skin sensitivity, dry skin and bruising. Occasionally you can get small blisters, particularly on red or very black tattoos. You may also experience whiteheads, hives and spots on the tattoo although these are relatively uncommon.
How do I look after it while it is healing Leave all perfumed products off the skin for48 hours. Avoid wearing tight clothing. Avoid any heat treatments including hot baths or showers. When cleansing use an antibacterial soap. Do not pick or scratch the area. Avoid sun exposure or sun beds during healing. To relieve any discomfort you could use an Aloe Vera gel (available from us or any chemist), and cold-compresses.
Will it remove my tattoo completely? The lasers light energy is attracted to the darkest thing it can find which is why dark tattoos are the easiest to remove. Paler colours such as yellow and green are harder to remove, it is more common that they will fade and this varies between individuals. Unfortunately, we can never guarantee complete removal.
Does it leave a scar? Removing the tattoo does not cause any scarring, although the act of tattooing can cause a scar that is less visible while the ink is there. If your tattoo feels raised to the touch then when the ink is removed that will still be there. We will be able to advise you about this during your consultation.
How many sessions will it take? This will vary from one tattoo to another, soft shades of grey and faded old tattoos could take as little as one or two sessions. But as a rule, the darker the tattoo, the more sessions it will require and some colours may take longer to remove. A newer black tattoo could take over 10 sessions and you need to leave a minimum of 6 weeks in between each session
Can I have another tattoo over that area? We can offer you a number of choices. Firstly we can offer you complete removal providing that it is a realistic expectation based on your tattoo (we can advise you about this). We can also offer a cover-up option without laser removal, but this can limit the type of design you can have. We could do some removal sessions to fade the existing tattoo enough for you to have the design of your choice over the old tattoo. This means that the design may not need to be as big or as dark as or would for a cover-up. Or we can remove specific areas of the tattoo depending on the finished cover-up option.
Are there any reasons I should not have this treatment? If you have any of the following conditions you may not be treated under any circumstances; pregnancy, moles on the area to be treated, if you have a pacemaker, heart disease, lupus disease, gold injections, kidney disease, diabetes or epilepsy. Some conditions can be treated with a letter of approval from your doctor; cancer, HIV, hepatitis, if you are using any photo-sensitive medication. Someone with high or low blood pressure can be treated with no doctors note. If you have had recent surgery you must wait 6 months before starting treatment. If you are concerned please speak to a member of staff or your GP.
How can I book an appointment? You can pop in any time for a consultation, or send us a clear image of the tattoo you’d like to remove via email. We would require a £20 deposit to secure an appointment. This can be paid over the phone and will come off the cost of your first session.