Tattoo Artist Vacancy.

Full or Part-time Position.

We always have space for the right person at MBA. Right now we would be especially keen on any of the following styles; Japanese, black and grey realism, colour realism, pattern work, or black work.

Why join the Modern Body Art team?

For the last 20 years now Modern Body Art has lead the way for custom tattoos in Birmingham. When we started in 1999 we were the first custom only studio in Birmingham and one of the first outside of London. Our plan was always to create a quality studio of artists providing a range of styles; artwork driven, customer service driven and then we hoped the money would take care of itself.

We are centrally located, within a few minutes walk of Birmingham New Street or Moor Street train stations. Our website has over 12,000 visits a month which we believe is still important in this social media age. It means we are insulated from the changing fashion, or algorithms of social media and not entirely at the mercy of big technology businesses.

The industry has evolved a lot in 20 years and so has the relationship between the artist and the studio they work in. We believe artists today want and expect more freedom and autonomy than in previous years and so we try and provide that environment.

We are not a collective but do offer a lot of the benefits of one where our artists have complete freedom to work as much or as little as they choose. We have no restrictions on people travelling, doing guest spots, booking time off or working reduced hours due to childcare or whatever. New artists are only limited by working within shop opening hours (11-6 Tuesday to Saturdays), but our established artists are trusted with keys and can work whenever they like, either earlier or later.

We have 2 people on reception every day who pretty much run the shop for us. They can do as little or as much for you as you like. They will sterilise stuff, take payment, book people in for you and can also reply or filter your emails for you. This gives an artist more time to actually tattoo or do their designs.

We offer what we believe is a competitive variable percentage rate for artists and we supply everything you need to tattoo except for hardware (machines and power supplies), inks and needles.

In summary, we believe we offer a stress and drama free, well run studio environment where people can come and just concentrate on being the best tattooist they can be. In this day and age, no one can sit back and do no personal promotion, but we will do our side of the deal and promote you on our Instagram (with sponsored posts where applicable), facebook and website Lastly, we don’t believe anyone has ever joined MBA and not made big improvements to their work in the time they are with us.

Please note, this is not an apprenticeship position, no exceptions I am afraid.

Previous applicants are more than welcome to apply.