Jo originally wrote this blog post for Un1ty, her private studio in Shrewsbury, where she tattoos from if she isn’t here at Modern Body Art, Birmingham. We are really grateful that Lianne was happy to share her experience of covering scars with tattoos, and allowing us to show photographs of her journey for this blog post. Hopefully it inspires others that may feel the same to turn something negative in to a positive.


“Lianne came to me a very shy lady who was ashamed by the battle scars having 3 children and subsequent abdominal surgeries had left her. She was nervous about getting her first tattoo and I’m struggling to find the words to tell you how happy and proud I am that she chose me to help her rediscover her inner self.

I never take the request from someone to be tattooed lightly, we are changing someones body and therefore their perception of themselves forever and that impacts the way they interact with the world. It’s a massive level of trust the client gives over to us and I appreciate that every single day that I tattoo.

When Lianne started getting tattooed she was so shy, at the end of each session she would peek through her clothes at her tattoo in the mirror, said only her husband would know she had her tattoo and she wanted me to destroy all the before pictures of her scars once the tattoo was finished. After a few sessions she was so excited by the changes as the tattoo developed she would do a little excited wiggle when she looked in the mirror as she started to see her body changing into something she could look at that had the beauty she had inside her. She also revealed she had shown it to a few of her friends, even that change was massive. Two years in the making and Lianne walks in for her last session glowing, hair all shaved and wearing heels. She walked in as a different person that walked into my studio for the first session. Once the tattoo was finished we photographed it and Lianne gave me permission to share her photos and story. Thank you so much, hopefully it will inspire other people to take their bodies back and heal the scars.

Having children is the most beautiful life changing experience it’s a shame that it’s a trade off for a lot of people where the women are left scarred and insecure about how it has left their bodies.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude that Lianne chose me to help her achieve the image for herself that she had in mind and feel so lucky to have shared that journey with her.

Thank you Lianne, from the bottom of my heart <3”