Bird tattoos are a classic in the world of tattooing, but it’s no longer just swallow tattoos on sailors anymore (as much as we love those), and it can be way more interesting than just little bird silhouettes.

From eagles to cranes, owls to sparrows, to all manner of exotic birds; and ranging in style from black and grey realism tattoos to Japanese traditional tattoos, and modern blackwork tattooing to neo-traditional tattooing, here are some recent bird tattoos – done at Modern Body Art in Birmingham – that showcase the styles and variation in design.

As ever, feel free to use these tattoos for inspiration, or come and see us to have something designed for you, please don’t just copy. Good tattooists won’t copy another tattoo directly, only shit ones do that, and surely you don’t want a tattoo by a shit tattoo artist?!

Eagle tattoo with watercolour and geometric background, by Matt Hunt black and gray realism eagle tattoo by Greg Bishop at modern body art in birmingham


crane tattoo with abstract geometric background, by matt hunt at modern body art in Birmingham 


Owl tattoo by Greg Bishop, Birmingham UKTraditional owl tattoo by frances anne faith, modern body art tattoo studio, birmingham UK


A small bird in a vintage perfume bottle, the start of a Victorian tattoo sleeve by Frances Anne Faith A Large Toucan is the focal point in this tropical leg tattoo by Jo Harrison


small bird tattoo design by matt hunt at modern body art tattoo studio in birmingham uk

black and grey realism tattoo, modern body art, birmingham