MBA will be closing it’s doors for the last time at the end of September. Thanks to everyone who has supported us over so many years. We are very proud of what we have achieved, but our lease is up and it felt a good time to move on to other things. The financial and personal commitments of owning a city centre business are huge and we just don’t want to do that anymore. Our lives have moved on to different priorities. 

There are some other things like macro economic factors, a changing industry, the internet reducing the need for expensive city centre shops, the changing high street and of course COVID, but they really aren’t the main factor. They are however signs of which way the wind is blowing and we would rather finish now whilst it is our decision.

There is nothing to be sad about, we did it and like to think did it well for 22 years and we have finished on our own terms, which as a business owner, is a pretty good result. We are sad to be breaking up our team of amazing colleagues but other than that we are excited to be moving on to new chapters.

For information how we will be working until the end, please read the info on our homepage here.