On the 23rd and 24th of February we have the especially lovely and talented Owen Meredith guesting! Read on to find out more about his tattooing style and follow Owen on Instagram to see more of his work

What is your earliest memory of tattoos or tattooing? Was anyone in your family tattooed for instance.

My earliest memory was probably when my Mum got a tiny rose on her back, her one and only tattoo. I must’ve been about 10 years old, and I remember so well how proud she was of herself, for doing something super crazy like getting a tattoo! I kinda
liked how excited she was about it, and I felt proud of her too, so maybe subconsciously I was interested at this point. Never been asked that question! 


Can you remember the moment you thought “I wanna do this” or, “This is something I can do”?

Yeah totally, it was only a few years ago now. I always wanted to be an artist of some sort, ever since Nursery school I can remember wanting to draw and create. After doing graphic design at uni I was totally lost, and hadn’t drawn anything really for 3 years, I picked it up again, was getting more tattoos – and became totally fascinated by the idea of doing them myself. I didn’t believe in myself at all and almost gave up before even trying but I got a swift kick up the buns by my other half, who made me believe it was something I could do. Then it became my life, I had this ‘drive’ that people around talked about or just seemed to have during education – I had to do work all the time and better myself


How long have you been tattooing and where have you worked so far?

2 years and a month ! I started at a shop called HD13, I was there for almost a year I think and then was asked to come join the guys at Black Dog in Norwich! I’ve done guest spots with my pal Joe Spaven at Scarlet Rose and Damien Thorne at Electric Dragon. This’ll be my third guest spot ever and I’m super excited! They’re not so terrifying anymore kinda…

Do you work on an hourly rate or fixed prices?

Hourly rate generally, but if it’s something I reallly wanna do that I’ve suggested to one of my particularly awesome customers I’ll probably do a nice deal on it!

How do you tend to work? Do you draw ahead of time or freehand on the day? Do you let customers see the design before the day etc?

 It depends what I’m doing really, if I feel confident enough with the subject matter to freehand it then I will, but usually I draw before. If a customer really wants to see the design beforehand and it’ll make them feel more comfortable then sure I’ll show them! Im lucky enough that most of my customers are happy for me to go with it though and trust what I do, which still baffles me but is really awesome.

Do you consider yourself to have a style? If so, what is it and was it a conscious decision to focus on that, or did it just naturally happen?

Yeah I would say I have a style, but that it’s definitely evolving. I’m still learning so much all the time with drawing and composition, and being around masters of Japanese like Jon and Enzo at Black Dog I’m certainly taking influence from them. Originally I took most of my inspiration from etchings and woodcuts so it was that kind of thing, I love doing darker weirder stuff when I’m lucky enough to get asked to, but one day I’d love to be doing my own take on Japanese all the time

Do you enjoy the social media side of tattooing or is it a necessary chore?

It’s definitely necessary for me, I get most of my work through it, but I enjoy it less and less now. It was fun and exciting at first but I dunno, it gets tiring. Although I still do a little wee when an awesome tattooist says something nice about my work!

Do you think tattoo TV shows have been good or bad for the industry?

BAD! I can’t think of any positives really can you? I just think they’re giving people the wrong idea about how tattooing works, or trivialising an art form that’s so precious to so many….amongst sooooo many other things.

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of tattooing over the next 10 years or so?

I think I’m optimistic! I haven’t really tohught about it really but i guess as long as people try to stay relatively grounded and in the real world that they’ll exciting things o nthe horizon. Like maybe one day we can get poeple’s DNA into the ink


What was the song on your MySpace profile?

Awesome question!! Sunchyme by Dario G…classic. But I think I changed it like every week to keep things fresh and poppin on my page.

What was the last film you saw at the cinema?

Dunkirk I think…I absolutely love film but I’m so bad at going to the cinema. I miss everything…

Who is your favourite artist, not including tattooists?

Ooh probably David Hockney, I can remember being in love with his work and versatility as a kid, plus he’s well funny, he was asked to do the logo for The Sun a while ago and the results were hilarious. 

Since you are coming to Birmingham, Black Sabbath, Duran Duran, Nick Drake?

Sabbath although I’d take a bit of Duran Duran

Would you rather have a head the size of a tennis ball or the size of a watermelon?

Hahaha..uhh, watermelon. My bonce is already pretty big and round so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch

Would you rather be an ugly genius or a hot moron?

Ugly genius! Hands down..

How far would you go for 1 million Instagram followers?

I Dunno if I’d get out of bed…it’s pretty comfy

You can see more of Owens work on Instagram @owenzor_tattoo